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Hello everyone, I am pleased to announce the opening of the articles page on my website. So, for those who have some free time or who are interested in my website (let's hope so...), I will explain in this article some things about this new page.

Useless article ahead

First, for those who haven't read the home page and who are wondering who I am, my name is Rémi Vansteelandt. I am currently studying computer science at the IUT of Amiens. I am currently waiting to get my diplom after a ten week internship.

This website has several purposes. As I was still drawing the layout and thinking about the content, I made a list of reasons of why I should make it. These reasons were :

  • that would be some good occasion to write some PHP (yeah some people like me actually do enjoy that)
  • that would also be a good way to learn some new stuff : for example, I have never been good at designing websites, giving them a nice look. Same goes for the work I've always been doing (whether it was about computers, or not). Making the layout gave me the opportunity to experiment things I was never given the opportunity. Choosing the colors, making the images, determining how the content would display... was some good fun, no matter I succeeded to give it a nice look or not
  • sharing my projects with the « world » was another reason. By world, I mean a few people. I never meant to make a « blockbuster-website » that should have hundreds of people visiting every day. If someone comes and spend two minutes on the site and like both it and my projects, then I succeeded. Its purpose was also to enable me to easily show potential employers what I can do.
  • having some useful backoffices. Actually, this website is most useful for me. It has some private stuff that I was using every day. I'll explain that in another article (which should be more interesting).
  • giving me some english exercise (eventhough there might be many mistakes on the site)

From that list of reasons "why" (there was also a list of reasons "why not"), I've dressed a list of goals, in order to make the site you're currently browsing.

Today, another goal was added to the list : making it actually useful for people working in computers. By useful, I mean being able to look for something on Google and landing here to find the solution. That doesn't mean I'm going to write some huge tutorials, or to make a « hotline » to help people. No. All I want is to share what has been and is still being useful to me. For that reason, I've decided to open an articles page.

Keep it simple !

On this « blog », I'm going to write some stuff that could be useful, and things that I (and therefore, you) might find useful. This can be interesting sites, useful APIs, useful software links, and of course talking just a little about me.

I haven't coded a wordpress-like thing, just a simple page showing the articles. There are no comments, that are no tags, no Facebook sharing link, nothing (nearly). I just want to keep it simple, without having any useless features I would never use. I don't even have any back offices !

So, whether you've read the whole thing or not, I hope that you will find this page useful when articles are added, and if not, just tell me using the contact page !

Have fun !
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