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Hi everyone,

If you read my previous article, you may remember that I was learning Symfony 2 and planning to switch my portfolio to this framework. Well it's done and online now.

Symfony (click to visit website)

The portfolio may still have some bugs, but the main features should work. If you find any problem while browsing, such as broken links, or if you have any idea to improve it, just contact me.

Also, I no longer use XHTML 1.0, but HTML5. It doesn't really change yet, but later I will probably start studying it a little bit further to use more HTML5 new features.

Finally, I cleaned up some of the projects which shouldn't be shown.

That's all for my portfolio. Now, some more interesting news !

Gmail update - Google news

A presentation of the new Gmail was leaked, and you can watch it below. Nothing really outstanding in my opinion, but interesting features.

In other news about Google, the company has decided to close Google Buzz, and some other products such as Google Code Search. Also, Google and Adobe have become the W3C's main sponsors.

Dart, a new alternative to Javascript ?

On October 10th, Google (again) unveiled Dart, a new class-based language designed to build web applications.


Although I haven't started studying it yet, I personally think that this should be the new Javascript. Indeed, I have a little bit of experience using Javascript, and it's a simple and useful language, but now that we have HTML5, and especially the new <canvas /> tag, which is supposed to replace Flash, we need something new. As soon as you are making complex scripts, Javascript is very limited because of its particular object system. For instance, it is very hard to make class inheritance. For this reason, Dart should be better for more complex applications.

Below is an official example, on which you can see some of the differences with Javascript (but also their common points).

class Point {
  Point(this.x, this.y);
  distanceTo(Point other) {
    var dx = x - other.x;
    var dy = y - other.y;
    return Math.sqrt(dx * dx + dy * dy);
  var x, y;

main() {
  Point p = new Point(2, 3);
  Point q = new Point(3, 4);
  print('distance from p to q = ${p.distanceTo(q)}');

You can find more examples here.

Canvas is fun !

To finish, I'd like to show you some stuff I've made using canvas. First of all, I made a script to draw curves, which might be useful. It is available here.

Then, just a nice effect with simple code :

Canvas is not supported by your web browser.

Of course, your browser needs to handle HTML5 for these scripts to work.

That's all for today. See you for the next article (about my new Flash game).

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