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Fruit Killer

Last time, I wrote an article about my own Javascript framework, designed for animations and games using canvas. Well now it is time to show that it was actually useful.

For the past week, I have been developing Fruit Killer (not related to Alien Killer in anyway...), which is a game strongly inspired by the famous Fruit Ninja.

Fruit Killer #1  Fruit Killer #2  Fruit Killer #3

Play now !

You can play the game by heading to its dedicated website, which also required some work (although you can see I'm not an artist at all...).

Fruit Killer website


The goal is simply to slice as many fruits as possible, using combos and special fruits to earn more points. At the end, a short analysis of the game is displayed and the score is sent, to fill the leaderboards.

The game is pretty straightforward : no complex controls, only a mouse is needed. You don't even have to click !

Showcase video

Portfolio update

With Fruit Killer, I decided it was time to create a new Javascript category in the projects page. You can access it from here. There's nothing really fancy, but at least it does exist.

Fruit Killer for your website

If you wish to include Fruit Killer to your website, just contact me and I'll send you the minimum package, or use the website link (

Mobile support ?

At the moment, I haven't decided if I would make it compatible for mobile devices such as smartphones. I will decide depending on the game's success.

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