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A while ago, I posted a quick article about Haunted Gardens, only showing a poor logo. Today, I'm going to talk a bit more about it.

Haunted Gardens is a HTML5 game I am currently developing at the university, and which I will continue to develop at the end of the year. This is quite an ambitious game since I use only HTML5 (no Flash required). The goal is to show people that actual good games can be created with HTML5.

Of course, the game will be playable for free, juste like Fruit Killer.

In Haunted Gardens, you will be able to control a poor guy surrounded by zombies. The goal will be to finish every single level by picking up all the items. You won't be able to kill the zombies. You will only be able to run and avoid them.

At the moment, the game is quite playable (most game mechanics have been implemented), but I've chosen not to show any gameplay clip yet. Though, below is a quick demo from the level editor, which should show you the ambience.

Oh and by the way, I am currently looking for an actual good HTML5 website/messageboard/blog/portfolio. It seems like most of them have been abandoned or are just bad... If you know one, feel free to tell me (cookies will be given) !

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