Haunted Gardens released

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Hello everyone, today I am pleased to announce that Haunted Gardens is finally available!

Haunted Gardens logo

Haunted Gardens is a HTML5 game in which your goal is to pick up all items and then reach the exit without being caught by zombies.

If a zombie manages to catch you, you can get away by typing "escape" as fast as possible. You will then run slower, and it will be harder to finish the level.

You can also drink potions you pick up by pressing the space bar. Drinking one allows you to run faster for a small amount of time.

All you need is a recent web browser that supported HTML5. Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer 9 should work fine.

Just like Alien Killer, the music was made by Stéphane Damo.

If that didn't make you want to play, here are some screenshots:

You can also watch this gameplay video:

Haunted Gardens is available at its own web page: http://haunted.remvst.com/.

Please don't hesitate to share any feedback, and have fun!

On the technical side

Haunted Gardens was quite a challenge, compared to Fruit Killer. Since the game is fully coded in Javascript, I had to make faster algorithms than usual, and always keep optimization in mind. I also updated my own library.

Anyway, if the game feels too slow, please don't hesitate to tell me to check if there are still parts of the code that should be optimized.

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