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For my first "real" article, I'd like to talk about the project I'm currently working on. The name for that project is Organizer.

I made this application just for me, but since I use it everyday and it is really helpful, I might upload it on the website if people want to try it.

So, first of all, let me explain why I needed this application.

As you may have noticed, on my website (which you are currently browsing), there is a link leading to an admin panel, which of course you don't have access to. This admin panel features several "back offices", like the portfolio management, but also two very useful pages : a calendar, and a bookmark list.


Up until I created Organizer, I was using these two applications every day, for work, as well as for personal purposes. Their advantage was that I could access them both from home and from any other computer.

As I know I may not keep this server, I decided to make an application that would do the same thing, but which could be executed from an external device, such as a USB key. Organizer was born.

Organizer is written with Java, in order to make it a truly portable application, and has a very simple user interface. There aren't tons of menus, or anything like that. The goal was really to keep it simple.


At the moment, it features only three "applications" :

  • Calendar
  • Bookmarks
  • Notes


There are many calendar solutions on the web, or other applications like mail clients, but I've never really found something that matched what I needed. For example, Google does have a calendar, but you have to open your web browser to use it, and, of course, you need an internet connection. It also has many features that I don't need. Same goes for applications like Evolution, Outlook or Thunderbird. What's more, they are linked with the emails, which is useless to me.

For these reasons, and especially because I need something very simple, I made the calendar, which is the most useful one for me. I don't think there's any other explanation needed, so just check the screenshot to see how it looks like.


Bookmarks is, of course, a list of bookmarks, just like you could find on your web browser. I guess you're wondering why I needed such a useless application. Well actually I also use it every day. The reason is simple : you can add bookmarks to your browser, but what happens when you're using another computer ? What happens when you're using several operating systems ? This is the only reason why I made it.

Like the calendar, screenshots are enough explanation.


I've always found very useful to have some notes to stick on the screen, eventhough there are already many applications for that on any operating system.

Anyway, I decided that it could be useful for Organizer, so I decided to add it, and I'm still using it everyday.

Last word

So, for those who haven't stopped reading (yet), if you're interested in this application, you can contact me. If enough people find it useful, I may upload it. Just tell me.

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