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Today I feel like it is time to take a look back at my past projects and to announce the upcoming ones.

Haunted Gardens success

Fruit Killer icon

About a month ago, I released my latest HTML5 game: Haunted Gardens. If you haven't tried it yet, head to

Though the game was not as successful as Fruit Killer, almost 500 games were played until today, with a total of 583 minutes spent running through the levels, which is not too bad after all.

Fruit Killer for mobile

Fruit Killer icon

If you have ever tried Fruit Killer with a mobile device, you may have notice that the game is not playable at all. Well it will be in a few weeks!

I have been planning this for a long time (actually since the release of the game), but I didn't really have the time and motivation for that. Anyway I have started making a mobile version of the game, which will be optimized for both iOS and Android devices. There will be less effects to allow it to run smoothly, and it will be slightly different, but if you liked the desktop version, you will probably like the mobile version as well.

As usual, the game will be available for free.

This version is not available yet, but if everything goes well, I will publish it in a few weeks, once it's polished enough.

One last word about Fruit Killer: as I am writing this article, there have been nearly 3000 registered games! Thanks to everyone who played and enjoyed the game!

Space Dodger

Space Dodger is a game I've made in a few days, but I haven't polished it enough yet. At the moment, the coding part is nearly finished, but I think that the game still needs some graphical improvements.

Contrary to Haunted Gardens, the goal is quite simple: you control a spaceship and you have to dodge as many asteroids as possible. Your score increases with time and dodged asteroids.

I will probably release it very soon as well.

Just like Fruit Killer, the game will also be compatible with mobile device.

If you are interested in HTML5 games, you may have noticed that very few specialized websites are still kept up-to-date. That's why I've decided to offer my help on, to have at least one website with new games on a regular basis.

I am publishing about one game every day, so feel free to send yours if you want to get it played!

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