Haunted Gardens: unreleased version

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You may have tried Haunted Gardens, one of my HTML5 games. What you may not know is that the games was initially supposed to be a Flash game.

I started working on Haunted Gardens just after I released Alien Killer, using some algorithms and a similar gameplay. Though, I never had the courage to finish it, and then decided to make it from scratch for HTML5, which led to the game you may know.

So here is the abandoned Flash version of the game, which will never be finished. The gameplay is very similar to the HTML5's version, so I hope you enjoy it.

If the loading screen freezes after a few levels, that means you've cleared the game.

Flash needs to be enabled to play.

By the way, I'm currently developing a new HTML5 game, so I will probably post a new article about it very soon.

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