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For the past two months, I have been looking for ideas for a new HTML5 game. I mut say, this wasn't very exciting, since inspiration isn't really my kind of stuff.

I set two main contraints: the game had to be very simple to understand, and had to be playable both on mobile devices and desktop computers. The former constraint wasn't really a huge problem, but the second was. When you're aiming for touchscreens, you cannot rely on huge keyboards with many keys. You can only rely on the user's fingers, which is a limitation to most games, even the simplest ones.

A third constraint was directly due to my lack of drawing skills. Indeed, I'm pretty bad at manipulating or creating images, so it had to be pretty basic, at least on the graphical side, while being efficient.

Anyway, with such annoying constraints and no inspiration, I started developing two game prototypes, without really knowing where I was going. It seems that some of the things I'm most proud of were made without any deep thinking. One of the games is not finished yet, and I will present you the other one in this article.

When I started to have something playable, I wasn't really believing that the game could actually lead to something good, so I showed the prototype to some online friends, who told me that it could potentially make a good game, so I continued developing it.

Ski! logo

Ski! features pretty much the same gameplay as Space Dodger: the goal is to survive as long as possible without hitting an obtacle. Though, the game shouldn't feel the same at all.

You are controlling a skier riding down an infinite mountain full of pine trees, barriers, and snowmen. As soon as you hit one obtacle, the game is over and you can submit your score, which is represented by the distance you've went through. You can also catch flags or snow bumps to get bonuses of distance, but you also have to be careful not to hit an obstacle during a long jump.

So, enough with explanations, here are sreenshots:

Screenshot Screenshot

You can play Ski! now at, both on desktop computer and mobile devices.

If you wish to license the game, feel free to contact me.

Have fun!

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