Past entries

As I said in my previous article, I currently lack three things: inspiration, time, and graphic skills. This led to several game concepts which were abandoned. Though, I have found the motivation to create a new one: PxWars.

PxWars is, as usual, a very simple HTML5 game. You are controlling a PxShip, and you have to destroy all enemies. Once you've destroyed all of them, a boss will show up and try to kill you. Once you've defeated him, you can choose to upgrade your shields, moving speed, or shooting speed, to get to the next level. Picking up power ups also increases the number of pixels you shoot.

PxWars is available at http://px.remvst.com/, and was added to my games page.

PxWars is not the game I'm most proud of, but I hope it will bring fun to some people who like shooting games. I tried to make something a bit different from other games, as I feel that some people just like to keep making the same games, over and over.

I may also present another game that I'm currently working on in the next weeks, if I don't have too much homework :-)

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