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Got Game? HTML5 competition

Some of you might have heard about hosting an HTML5 competition for students worldwide. Well I have decided to participate, though I thought I would stop making new games for some time to focus on my studies. I don't expect to win anything (though the prizes are really interesting), but it will be fun to make a game in another context than what I'm used to.

So here is a quick preview of the game I'm working on:

Radiation banner

Radiation is a bit different from the games I've been making so far. It has a more classic gameplay, in the way it's a platform/shooter game. The story is simple: there was an accident in a lab, and strange creatures started to appear from nowhere. Your goal is to rescue the scientists, as well as killing as many creatures as possible, in order to stop an invasion. At the end of the game (ie when you die for some reason), you will have a mission report evaluating the

The mission report, the story and the gameplay were highly inspired by Half-Life, which is one of my favourite games ever. Biolab disaster, one of the best HTML5 games (in my opinion), was another source of inspiration. logo

Though it is not required by the rules, I have decided to change a little bit from what I have done so far by using the API. I have always been reluctant to use third-party APIs, but I have to say that I love using this one. It is really easy to use and includes many functionalities like achievements, which accelerates the development of the game. What's more, you don't even need to submit your game to their marketplace to use the API. I would highly recommend giving it a try.

I'm also using Buzz for the audio support, and I have found some royalty-free music here. Sound effects will be taken from SoundBible.

The game will be available for both mobile and desktop browsers. I'm not sure if it will run smoothly on mobile, as I only have a Galaxy S3 to test, but at least it will be working.

I hope you will support me when I release it, as number of plays and user rating will be taken into account. The competition ends on April 5th, and judging will take place from April 6th to April 20th.

HTML5 Game devs forum

HTML5 Game Devs

After trying to make a blog about HTML5 games, Richard Davey decided to open a forum instead, which is available at If you're looking for a good place to discuss HTML5 games, this is probably the place you're looking for. Some talented developers are visiting it quite frequently, and the forum is pretty active, while being rather new.

PxWars source code available

Probably noone noticed that I share the source code for the PHP framework I use for server-side stuff for my games. It is available at on Github. As it is said on its readme file, the goal is not to make people use it, but more to let them borrow some ideas or portions of the code. It was not thought to be distributed as a framework like Symfony, since it was only designed to fit my needs: having several (more than ten) websites running on the same system, easy to maintain, clear code, good performance for my cheap server... My portfolio and my games portal are using as well.

PxWars icon

Anyway, as several people have contacted me to know if the source code of my games was available somewhere, I've decided to share some of it. That's why the PxWars source code is now available on Github too. You can access the repository here.

The code is written in french, so there are probably many function and variable names that won't be similar to the English equivalents. Same thing goes for the comments.

Though, as there are not many HTML5 games tutorials out there, this could show you my methods, as I don't use any framework or library but my own.

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