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In case there are any people reading these lines, here is a quick article to give you guys a status on my games, and why nothing has happened for quite a while.


About two months ago, I made Radiation for's competition. I did not win anything, but I'm still proud of the game. It's a bit different from what I had been making, and many people did enjoy playing it (well, at least, my roommates did :-p ).

Though, I'd like to thank all of you people who supported my entry for the competition.

It also gave me the opportunity to discover's API, which I really enjoyed using. If you're a game developer, you should have a look at the features it provides.


Infiltration is the game I'm currently working on. The game has been about 80% ready for a month, but I will delay it for a few more months, because of my final exams, which will take place during the last week of June. I have several projects to give in by three weeks, and many lessons to learn, so it will probably be better like this.

Here is a beautiful banner of the game:


The game is a bit similar to Haunted Gardens. It is highly inspired by Metal Gear Solid's training missions. The goal is to reach the exit of the map without being seen by the enemies.

As usual, the game should be available for mobile devices, but since the algorithms are still a bit slow, it will require a lots of optimizations. At the moment, it runs fine on iOS and Android, but it still makes the Android browser crash, probably due to bad memory management (both from my side and Android's).

Last words

Anyway, I hope you're still having fun playing my games, and if not, I would recommend giving the new Humble Bundle a try. I just bought it, and it features great games.

Also, I'd like to leave a word for This is a project led by an online friend, which aim is to allow people to automatically subscribe to all the websites using the service.

Last but not least, something great happened to me. I'll wait a bit until I announce it, but this may be the main reason why I don't want to fail my exams. If this makes you curious, stay tuned for a later announcement!

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