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Though I have already presented the game in past articles, I think it's time to make it official, now that the game is available. So here it is, you can now play Infiltration.


Infiltration is highly inspired by Metal Gear Solid's VR training missions, and Metal Gear in general, which has a gameplay that I never really found in other games.

The goal is simple: you have to reach the exit of each level without being spotted by the enemy. If an enemy sees you from far away, he will try to come at you, but if an enemy sees you close enough, you will have to start the level again.

You can also make an enemy come at you by making noise (space bar). This way, you can control their behaviour and clear paths.

Infiltration is my attempt at making something different, both from what I'm used to making, and from the other games I play, therefore not everyone will like it, but still, I'm very proud of it because I had this concept in mind for months (I was nearly going to make it for's competition), and also because it was not that easy on the technical sides (it required many optimizations).

Once again, I've used's API for achievements and statistics sync, but they will be enabled even without it, you just wont earn the points. And for those wondering, I didn't use any framework or game engine. Only pure Javascript.

The game should be working on mobile devices too, but I cannot assure it will run smoothly everywhere. It can make 60fps on my Galaxy S3, and works well on the latest iPad too. I would only suggest not using the Android default browser.

Hope you will like it :-)

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