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I've been developing a new game for quite a while, and I think it is time to present it.

Taxi banner

In Taxi!, your goal is to manage a taxi business: you have to take your clients from point A to point B, and by doing that you will earn money. But it's not that simple.

If you're late, or do not make it to the end of the mission because your car took too much damage, or if you did not have enough fuel, your clients will be disappointed, and sometimes even furious. This affects your reputation. And if your reputation is bad, you will find less clients, therefore you won't be able to be too picky on the missions you choose. You will then have to lower your price, or take a vacation to clear your reputation.

You also have to take care of your car: if you take too much damage, you will have to repair it. You will also have to buy fuel. You start with a simple car, but you can also upgrade it to drive more easily.

Though, you can't just work all the time. After a few missions, you will be tired, and will need some rest, otherwise your driving will be so bad you won't be able to finish your missions. Also, the time will have an impact on the number of clients you may find, and on the traffic: driving during at night might be easier because the traffic is less dense, but there are also less clients.

Last but not least, the weather also has an impact: snow and rain make the road slippery. Sometimes it is wiser to rest for a while and see if the weather changes.

There are a few other aspects of the game that I won't introduce here, simply because they are not essential, and I want to keep some surprise :-)

This whole management system is quite different from what I'm used to develop. Therefore it might still need some tweaks. Feel free to tell me if you find it too hard, or too easy.

Taxi! may be less easy to apprehend than my other games, but these last months I have enjoyed taking some risks by trying new stuff. I hope it will be worth the effort.

I will probably talk soon about another game I'm currently developing for js13kGames. js13kGames is an HTML5 game competition in which the main goal is to produce a game that must be smaller than 13 kilobytes. Given last year's entries, I will not likely win anything, but still, it's fun to take part in it. The source code will be available on Github.

You can also try Volcano Escape, a small game I made for a Fimaru battle. It's easily the most stupid game I've made, but I hope you will enjoy Underwear-Man's adventures :-)

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