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I've been quite inactive on my blog and personal portfolio lately, mostly because I have been busy with my work at GameMix. Today, however, I would like to present what the GameMix team and I have been working on for a long time: the new version of GameMix.

If you have already tried GameMix, now is the time to give it another try. We have a whole new design, and many new features to come. We are tweaking it and adding new stuff every day!

If you didn't try the old version, perhaps you might like to see our take on HTML5 gaming.


GameMix has been described as "the Pandora for games." You play a game, and as soon as you're bored with it, you can just hit the "next" button and play a new game. There are hundreds of games to play. What's more, we learn from what you like, and we try to choose the games that you might like.

GameMix can be played on both mobile and desktop browsers, with an adapted experience for each of them.

You can try GameMix at


Also, if you have an Android device, we recently released a native version of GameMix that you can get here. It provides an overall better experience, apart from the fact that you can add it to your home screen.

And of course, if you like my games, you might find some of them in there :-)

PS: I am developing a new game at the moment. Stay tuned...

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