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Lately, I've been working quite a lot on my new game for's competition for students.

I already participated in that competition last year, and though I did not win anything, I made one of my favorite games: Radiation. I hope to be able to come up with something I am proud of again.

Anyway, though I haven't put my entry for this year online yet, I think it is worth presenting it here now.

Fast logo

Fast is not that much different from what I am used to do. I like to make endless scoring games with leaderboards, and I have the feeling that is what people who come to play my games like.

Though, as the game is being made for a competition, I also tried to make something more than a simple scoring game. Indeed, while the core gameplay remains simple, I implemented four different game modes to spice it up a little bit:

  • Free: basic endless scoring mode. The only goal is to go as far as possible.
  • Time attack: same thing, but with a two-minute limit.
  • No crash: in this mode, you have to go as far as possible without a single scratch on your car. Hit one single obstacle, and the game is over.
  • Challenge: this mode is a little different. Everytime you play, you are given three challenges. You can only complete these objectives. Once you complete one of them, it is replaced by a new one.

Free, no crash and time attack modes include leaderboards.

I also added some fancy features like statistics, achievements, and the ability to choose your own car color and settings.

On the technical side, though the game looks pretty simple, I tried to adopt a very modular architecture. Therefore, I work with more than 70 Javascript files, and 7000 lines of code overall (and counting!). In comparison, Infiltration only required about 6500 lines, including comments.

I hope to make the game available soon (probably in a few days). As the competition ends on April 14th, I will probably continue updating the game until that date.

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