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If you don't want to read all this article, just head to the bottom of the page to try the game.


After two short articles, I'd like to post this one to present you the project I've been working on for nearly the whole summer : Alien Killer.

First of all, let me tell you that this shouldn't be the final name, but it describes pretty much what the game is all about.

Wanna defend the Earth ? You're in the right place !


Alien Killer is a Flash game, which was inspired by Psychon, an old Net Yaroze Playstation Game. Since nearly noone has ever played or heard of it, here's a gameplay video I found on YouTube. As you can see on the video, the game consists in controlling a guy across a space ship and killing dozens of aliens.

Alien types

So this was the inspiration part, now let's talk about Alien Killer itself. The goal is simply to finish the levels by picking up keys and then heading to the exit. Of course, there are many aliens who will try to prevent you from escaping. At the moment, there are four types of aliens :

  • Green aliens : they're just waiting for you to kill them.
  • Blue aliens : they'll try to dodge your bullets.
  • Red aliens : once you hit them, they run faster and try to kill you.
  • Yellow aliens : they just have random speeds, so it's pretty hard to predict where they're going.
Alien types

Although they have no weapons, they can all hurt you by touching you.

Weapons and items

Of course, to get rid of these aliens, you have several weapons. At the moment, there are four weapons :

  • The gun is not very powerful, but has many bullets.
  • The shotgun hasn't got many bullets, but is deadly in close range fights.
  • The submachine gun (probably an AK-47) has high shooting rates.
  • The grenades are very powerful, but you can die if they explode too close.

To be more efficient, you can pick up some ammo, which will reload all your weapons with one clip, and you can heal yourself by picking up health kits.

Left : ammo. Right : halth kit.

Game elements

Here are some indications of the game elements :

  • (1) : Character health
  • (2) : Current weapon and ammo
  • (3) : Keys left
  • (4) : Key
  • (5) : Aliens left
  • (6) : Exit
  • (7) : Character
  • (8) : Frame counter

Please notice that I left the frame counter available so you can tell me if the game is too slow. It runs 24 FPS, but I haven't tested on other computers yet.

Try the game !

Flash doesn't seem to be installed on your computer.

Game keys :

  • Move the character : arrows
  • Run : press CTRL while moving
  • Shoot : press SPACE
  • Change weapon : press SHIFT or 1,2,3,4 on the numpad
  • Zoom in/out : press PGUP or PGDOWN

I should post another article when the game is finished and released. Until that, have fun !

Please be aware that this is not the final version of the game. I'm showing it to get some feedback. If you have any ideas to improve it or have found bugs/glitches, feel free to contact me.
Also, only a few levels are featured in this version, and the graphics are not finished yet.

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