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If you have read my previous article, you know that I left GameMix a week ago. I am now back to school for one semester, but that doesn't mean I have given up on my hobby - making HTML5 games. Here is a quick article to update on my current projets.

Because of jet lag (yeah a 9 hour time difference isn't very easy to recover from), I got some insomnia, but decided to be productive. So one morning, I made Smooth Snake. Although I'm still adjusting the game a little bit, most of it was done within one morning.

The game, as you may have guessed, is a snake clone. I just tried to make it very simple looking and mobile friendly (which is why the desktop version is that easy). It should run on any HTML5 capable device and be pretty smooth.

I usually don't like making clones for my own games, but this time I was really bored and I felt like I could make something really enjoyable to play on mobile.

It was also fun to play with it in such a short time frame: making the graphics using Inkscape, actually adding the game mechanics, and playing with pathfinding (you can see it in action in any menu).

It was also some kind of experiment to see if my user base would like that style of games, since it's pretty different from what I usually do. I might share some insights after a few weeks.

Anyway, the game is available at http://snake.tap2play.io/.

Eventhough it has been available for a while, I'd like to add a quick word about JS13Kgames. I released my entry, Virtual War, and I'm hoping to get a better spot than last year, when I made 6th on the mobile category (and 19th on desktop...).

If you'd like to support me, you can tweet about the entry. Just go on the entry's page, and hit the tweet button. Or you can just hit the retweet button below.

The competition ends on September 13th. I'm looking forward to see the other entries.

And last but not least, I have been working on a more complex game: Miami Night Ride. The game will be a pseudo-3D racing game, and therefore a lot more ambitious than the previous two.

At the moment, the game is at a very advanced state and I'm polishing it as much as I can, trying to make it as fun as the classic arcade games.

The game will be playable on mobile (yes, it will), but since it requires more power to run, many devices shouldn't be able to run it very smoothly.

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